Onsite SAT Preparation or Online. Whatever way you feel is best for you to learn, we have it. If you prefer to learn in a traditional in class setting come to our location in Westminster. If your schedule doesn’t permit, online is the way to go.

College Admissions Consulting. Probably the scariest part about high school is applying to college. It's stressful, confusing, and frustrating, we know. Our duty is to promote the opposite of common characteristics associated with applying. It’s stress-free: we’ll help revise those terrifying personal statements. It’s straight-forward: we know what they are looking for and we’ll tell you all about it. It’s relaxing: we’ll get you through the admission process that will not only be efficient, but successful as well.

Financial Aid Advising. The price of college is absolutely not cheap and it won’t be anytime soon. As students, we have first-hand experience with what works and doesn’t work with financial aid. Based on your situation, we will do our best to help you get what you truthfully deserve.

Leadership Enhancement. The world needs leaders to function. Why can’t it be you? In our mentorship, we will have many discussions and exercises on how to become a great and ethical leader.

Purpose-Driven Programs. This program is all about you, and you only. Whatever you feel is your purpose, let’s embark on it. Not so sure what it is, let us help you discover it.

Career Development. People go to college to get good jobs. There isn’t any evidence to suggest the contrary, so it's important to have this part of our mentorship. After all, It’s one of the most practical parts of our program. Here, you will learn how to attain internships, part-time jobs, and fellowships, which will all contribute to your success.